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I started making jewelry as a creative outlet and it has grown into a dream of mine to open up a shop. My ultimate goal is to be able to be an artist full time and stay home with my kids. I am a mom first!

My daughters and I brainstormed together and came up with Honey Doux. We love bees. We wanted something that incorporated a French word (because my maiden last name, DeLong, is French). Doux in French means sweet. So basically you have honey sweet boutique. What’s better than sweet honey? It also reminds me of a honey do list ( you know, honey do •order me some cute jewelry ✅).

I am a mom, a wife, daughter, a sister, and a friend. I believe that dogs should snuggle on the couch with us. I love the beach and October nights. There is nothing that a drive down back roads with music playing can’t fix. I am a nanny and I love children. My favorite ice cream is peanut butter and chocolate. I love being creative and sharing my gifts with others. I prefer to give a gift than to receive one. I love dahlias. I don’t believe in soul mates, I do believe in working hard for the life and the love that you want. Oh, and I probably made your jewelry pieces while binge watching Grey’s Anatomy! It’s a beautiful day to buy some handmade jewelry! ♥️ Don’t you think?

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